Type of product:

1. Interior Furniture (Antique reproduction, Empire, Office, Teak indoor)

2. Outdoor furniture (Teak garden Deep Seating furniture)

3. Others not specified


Production process:

75% handmade and 25% machine made. Interesting detail; no article is the same.

Your design:

We liaise with our customers in the development of new models, right from the conception of the idea through to the successful launch of the new product.



All prices include F.O.B.



NC finish, Gold finish, White wash, Teak oil


Payment Terms:

Full advance payment for quick immediate orders,

50% deposit should be wired upon order confirmation, and 50% must be paid at the time of before loading furniture in to container. we will inform the update progress of customers order, so every customer know the update condition of their furniture orders.

Title in the goods shall pass to the customer as and when the company has received payment in full from the customer.


Minimum order:

LCL a sample order of minimum 2 Cbm, every following order has to be at least a 20 feet container. No minimum quantity for each items.


Freight :

You may nominate of the forwarder or shipping line, or we can find the best one for you.


Production Methods:

We have until now been utilizing the local small furniture maker and we are spending the majority of our production time with the QC, servicing and finishing. We are using the small producer at this time in our development mainly because it allows us to offer our customers a large variety of quality handmade products that we would find impossible to produce in-house. We are assisting these local craftsmen to produce a quality merchantable product by training them in construction methods and by taking charge of the quality control process necessary to produce a quality product.


Crack & Guarantee:

Also, by allowing them to utilize the professional kiln drying facility, to boil and dry their wood, we have minimized the risk of shrinkage and cracking. Moister level output will be standard 14% maximum.


Transport :

A first order will be shipped within 8-10 weeks. Special design order, might take more time. We can assist overseas clients handling shipment from the harbour in Semarang to any main port near your city.


Packing :

All Teak furniture items will be delivered standard wrapped with corrugated carton-board to avoid an unintentional scratching on the product before they are loaded into the containers and during transport in the container to the customer. All other furniture for indoor purpose will be extra covered with foam sheet underneath the corrugated carton-board.